How to Fix the Unity “Lighting Data Asset..” Error on Opening a Scene

Unity LogoI opened a Unity project on another computer, and got a message that the lighting in my scene was built with a different version of Unity than I was using. I searched the forums and Answer section but found nothing useful. I was using version Unity 5.4.0b17 on my laptop, and opened it using version 5.4.0b22-HTP (for HoloLens development) on my desktop. The scene opened up without any details, just a yellow screen.

I was going through the Tanks tutorial and luckily the instructor had mentioned “Auto Build”. Here’s now to solve it.

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Hands-on Review and FAQ’s of Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLensSo my Microsoft HoloLens arrived this week and I haven’t been this excited since I got my first Nintendo. I placed the order on Thursday, and it was at my door, straight from China, by Tuesday. I was a part of the 3rd wave (developers are receiving the device in waves as they become available) and was scheduled to get mine around September/October. This was an awesome surprise!

My house now looks like something out of a video game with holograms hanging around everywhere and after using it for a few days it’s starting to dawn on me just how revolutionary this is.

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How to fix VMware No Disk Error at Launch

logo-vmwareAfter testing how to convert VMware virtual machines to Microsoft Hyper-V, I ended up getting a very annoying message when starting VMware Workstation.


You are getting an annoying popup that VMware can’t find some non-existent disk and you have to click “Continue” until it goes away every time you launch VMware Workstation.


  1. Edit the ‘favorites.vmls’ in your roaming directory:


  2. Find the bad entry and delete all of the references to the missing image, then save it.The file contents look like this:
vmlist1.config = "D:\vm\W7\Windows 7 Professional.vmx"
vmlist1.DisplayName = " Windows 7 Professional "
vmlist1.ParentID = "0"
vmlist1.ItemID = "1"
vmlist1.SeqID = "0"
vmlist1.VmPath = "/vm/|75u5633deg3tt8f797r/"
vmlist1.IsClone = "false"
vmlist1.CfgVersion = "8"
vmlist1.Dest = ""

How to Use Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

Windows 10 LogoWhat used to be limited to the Linux & OSX crowd, is [finally] available on good ‘ole Windows. We only had to wait 20 years for it.


You have need several windows open when working on certain types of programs. Minimizing & maximizing them is a hassle. Enter the beauty of virtual desktops.

Instructions on How to Create a New Virtual Desktop

After you get used to having virtual desktops, it becomes hard to work without them.

  • Click the icon next to the Cortana icon
  • Click the “New Desktop” icon at the bottom right side of your screen

    That’s it!

Instructions on How to Switch Between Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

After creating a new desktop, how do you actually switch between them? See below for the solution.

Using the Mouse to Switch Between Virtual Desktops

  1. Click the icon next to the Cortana icon

  2. Choose your desktop

Using a Keyboard to Switch between Virtual Desktops

  1. Press Ctrl + Win + Right/Left arrow keys

How to Update the Date and Time in Ubuntu with NTP

Ubuntu LogoI fired up a Virtual Machine that I’d created months ago to update a Let’s Encrypt certificate and noticed that the date showed as January, but it was actually April. This particular VM didn’t have VMWare Tools installed [yet] so it wasn’t picking up on the host’s time. It’s no problem to fix, just update the time using NTP.


Updating your system’s with NTPDate throws the error, bind() fails: Permission denied, or “The NTP socket is in use, exiting”.


  1. Install NTPDdate

sudo apt-get install ntp

sudo apt-get install ntpdate

  1. Stop the NTP service

sudo service ntp stop

  1. Update the date and time

sudo ntpdate


Error: bind() fails: Permission denied

You need to execute the command using sudo.

Error: The NTP socket is in use, exiting

The reason you get the socket error is because NTP is already using that socket. You need to stop the process, force an update, then restart the daemon.

How to Fix the Missing Assembly Reference for Microsoft Hololens Emulator in Unity

logo-unityI wanted to try out the HoloLens emulator while waiting for my chance to purchase the physical unit, but was stopped dead in my tracks with some setup issues. Here’s how I fixed the issue.


When you click “Play” in Unity, you receive an error like, “Assets/Holograms/Support/Fitbox/Fitbox.cs(2,2): error CS0234: The type or namespace name ‘WSA’ does not exist in the namespace ‘UnityEngine.VR’. Are you missing an assembly reference?” Your first warning was when you opened the tutorial files and you received this message that you ignored:

There are actually a couple things you may need to fix.


First, you need the special technical preview of the Unity editor, not your regular editor. Secondly, you’ll need to head to GitHub and download the updated version of the Unity project. Microsoft created the tutorial with an old version of Unity. The original files on the Microsoft Developer Hololens Tutorial are old. You’ll need the latest version of the Unity editor and project files. The special version won’t overwrite your current editor. You can have both installed at the same time.


  1. Download and install the Unity editor for Hololens.
  2. Install the UWP Runtime.
  3. Download
  4. Unzip the file
  5. Copy the “Assets” & “ProjectSettings” folder into your Origami folder. It should overwrite the existing “Assets” & “ProjectSettings” folders

How to Fix Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 Screen Flickering Issue in Windows 10

Windows 10 LogoI noted a few issues after upgrading dozens of Yoga Pro 2’s to Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10. They can easily be easily fixed, but you have to know what you’re looking for. During the upgrade process, the Lenovo’s gave me less issues than my Dell XPS, which completely froze during the process. Two of the more irritating upgrade problems were 1) the screen flickering at random times. 2) the laptop being sluggish and unusable after waking up from sleep mode. Here’s how I fixed the first issue.


Screen flickers randomly after upgrading to Windows 10.


  1. Go into Intel HD Graphics options. intel1
  2. Click battery, then disable panel self-refresh. intel3



How to fix the VMware error, “The network bridge on device vmnet0 is not running”

logo-vmwareWe can all appreciate security updates in Windows, but for system administrators, it means checking what it breaks. If you’ve read the release notes and checked them against your settings, upgrades can be a minor annoyance, but manageable. The fun is when it’s a complete surprise and instead of working on your projects you get to find my blog for a solution.


After Windows 10 updates itself, you may find that VMWare workstation networking stops working. Here’s one way you can fix this.


  1. Control panel -> networking – >adapter
  2. Click your adapter and choose properties
  3. Install -> service -> vmware – > vmware bridge protocol
  4. Re-connect your adapter in vmware