How to Fix the Unity “Lighting Data Asset..” Error on Opening a Scene

I opened a Unity project on another computer, and got a message that the lighting in my scene was built with a different version of Unity than I was using. Here’s how to solve it.

I searched the forums and Answer section but found nothing useful. I was using version Unity 5.4.0b17 on my laptop, and opened it using version 5.4.0b22-HTP (for HoloLens development) on my desktop. The scene opened up without any details, just a yellow screen.

I was going through the Tanks tutorial and luckily the instructor had mentioned “Auto Build”, which led me to the solution.


Upon opening Unity you get the message, “Lighting data asset ‘LightingData’ was built with a different version of Enlighten. Realtime GI will not be used. Please rebuild lighting for this scene.”

Unity lighting issue


  1. Click “Main Camera”
  2. Look under “Other Settings”
  3. Click “Build” (if you have “Auto” unchecked)
    Uncheck the tiny Auto box

You’ll see the progress bar start to crank away as Light Transport, etc. updates. I had unchecked “Auto” after saving between scenes it took forever to rebuild the lighting in the scene.

Lighting is back!

The lighting is back to normal